Lo Parot. Monumental tree

Lo Parot is an ancient olive tree located in the neighborhood of Horta de Sant Joan (Terra Alta). Declared monumental tree has a height of 8 m and a trunk circumference of 15 m. It is considered as the oldest tree in Catalonia over 2,000 years. It is an olive (Olea Europeae) of a variety known today, which is characterized by the leaves and the fruit a bit taller than the variety called graft, traditionally cultivated in the region. In 2008 he was awarded by the Asociación Española de Olivos Municipalities as monumental olive Spain.

Put the following words:

“It awards the prize to this magnificent exemplary, for its singularity, the beauty of its millenary tronco the Paraje of olive semejantes where vegetation and also the fear that the Protection sometido as permitted Conservation and Revalorization as its living culture.”


Junta directiva AEMO