Baix Ebre Greenway

Distance: 22 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 2 hours

Pavement and Infrastructure: Asphalt. 19 tunnels.

Description: This is the last stage of the Greenway itself. Start Benifallet (where a bar is enabled). Continuing with the bike passing through the station Xerta, where the town is just around the corner. The next station is to Aldover (where you can also enjoy our food). Finally, the Greenway ends at the town of Roquetas. If anyone wants to continue a path that takes you there to Tortosa, a city steeped in history, if you want connects with the Camino de Santiago that reaches Amposta and finally to the sea.

Features: After Benifallet Station is where you can admire the river Ebro, faithful companion of the route. Before arriving at the next station, Chert, where there is the Weir born two channels Ebro, the right and the left. If you arrive to Tortosa you can not miss visiting the cathedral, unique in Europe.

Citrus like orange trees, mandarin trees and lemon trees are common in this way. But it also shows the typical vegetation on the banks of the Ebro as large reeds and trees that line the river.