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Cycle touring in Horta de Sant Joan

Bicycle rental in Horta de Sant Joan, Terra Alta.

At Montsport we offer a wide range of products and accommodations to make your cycling experience as adapted as possible to your needs and preferences..

We have a wide range of accessories for the youngest members of the family. Here are some accessories for children, and below some images of conventional bikes, all of them with a change of frame.


via verda terra alta

Team Bike. The team bike is ideal to enjoy the Via Verda from the oldest to the youngest of the family. A different experience to anything you have ever done before. 4 pedals and two front seats for the children. Price excursion 6 pax: 120€

bicicleta familiar horta de sant joan terra alta tarragona els ports terres de l ebre

Family bikes: Montsport is the only company that has these bikes. One of the most popular activities on the Via Verda is to ride along it on this bike, with the two adults sitting in front on a pedalling chain and the children sitting in the back. Quite an experience! Children can only ride on the front seats and the total weight cannot exceed 200kg. Price 4 pax: 80€

via verda en família

Buggy: Recommended for children between 4 and 7 years old. It has a chain with a wheel attached to the adult’s bike and also incorporates pedals. Price: 18€

lloguer de bicicletes horta de sant joan terra alta tarragona terres de l ebre

Chair: the most familiar element to everyone, a chain attached to the adult’s bike. Recommended for children between 1 and 4years old. Price: 12€

surt de casa amb nens Horta de sant joan

Pushchair: A very well-known element for families is the pushchair. It can carry two children as long as they do not exceed 25kg, recommended for children between 1 and 5 years old:  from 12€

alquiler de bicicletas Parc Natural dels Ports             cicloturisme terra alta

Follow-me: a ride for children who are old enough to have their own pedals, seat and handlebar autonomy but still lack a bit of balance, recommended for children between 6 and 11 years old. Price: 18€

bicicletes elèctriques horta de sant joan

Electric bicycles: ebikes to complement your visit to Horta de Sant Joan with different routes and points of view.

We buy our bicycles manufactured here in the country and we are constantly renewing them in order to offer an optimal service. We have two general lines of bikes, the mountain bikes and the city bikes. Daily rental price: 37€

bicicletes de muntanya Terra Alta            passejada en bici terres de l'ebre

conor 29 montsport         fatbikes horta

We have different wheel sizes for mountain bikes (mtb) 18″, 20″, 24″, 26″ and 27.5″ 29″. Ride and Fatbikes! Al bikes with gears. Price for day rental: 15€ mountain bike and ride. Mtb sup: 20€ Fatbikes: 20€.

Here you have all the information about renting bicycles in Horta de Sant Joan, for more information do not hesitate to contact us.

The price for renting bicycles in Horta de Sant Joan is only 15 € per day.

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