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Bicycle rental of all sizes. We have a great variety of bicycles to carry out the route with all comfort. So we have bikes for all ages and heights. Mountain bikes, touring bikes and tandems, all with gear changes and front suspension.

Family bikes. Montsport is the only company that has four-seater bikes. A bicycle that will allow you to enjoy the real way of a very special fomra with the whole family. Its operation is simple, the two behind pedal, with a system of chains and independent gears. The two in front, who are usually the youngest of the family enjoy a pleasant ride with an unparalleled landscape and a great day with family.

Rent of special bicycles. We also rent a bike for four people, so you can ride with the whole family at the same time. We offer bicycles for the disabled sponsored by the Consell Comarcal de la Terra Alta i Sanitas, which are free of charge.

All kinds of lace for children. Choose the most comfortable way to take the little ones. We have chairs and carts, where the sun and air do not give them. If they are older it is possible to attach a lace that connects the adult with the child in complete safety.

The helmet is included with all bikes.

The price of the bicycle is 12 € per day. Compliments for children such as the bar and the chair are free.

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