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Discover Horta de Sant Joan and its region, Terra Alta!

A region located in the south of Catalonia where its landscapes still remain virgin and wild; where the olive, almond and vineyard fields and the cultural and architectural heritage are the only testimonies of the human footprint made on our lands. An abrupt, steep and rugged land: Typically mediterranean!

Come and discover our history, cuisine, culture and traditions through guided tours. There is something for everyone!

At the end of the Greenway our travel mate is the Ebre River, which is the largest in the Peninsula Iberica. This is a wider valley and citrus fruits are grown there. The Ebre’s ecosystem makes you know and see the birds that live beside the river. You can reach the sea by the Sant Jaume path which is connected with the Greenway in Tortosa.

Montsport is situated in Horta de Sant Joan that is the starting point of most cyclist who go through the Greenway. So we are located in a strategic position. Horta is one of the most interesting and important tourism destinations in the region.


Visit the places frequented by Picasso and the “Orta” museum and cultural centre, dedicated to one of the most relevant and well-known artists of the 20th century

CICLOTURISME. (Culture and nature)

Take a bike tour through some of the municipalities of the Terra Alta region and its surroundings. Get lost in its narrow and labyrinthine streets as we travel back in time. Find out about the different routes!

ENOTURISME. (Nature, viticulture and gastronomy)

Terra Alta is also known for its oil. Try the different varieties of oil from our Protected Donomination of Origin “Terra Altí” and learn about the various great qualities of this product, an essential ingredient in our diet dating back to ancient times. Visit the olive groves, where you can find some trees that are more than 1000 years old, as well as discover the olive pressing mills in the area. Also enjoy activities amongst the olive groves (multi-adventure and clotxa, a typical fish and bread dish from the area).

OLEOTURISME. (Natura, oil-culture, gastronomy)

Walk amongst vineyards and picturesque villages, go by bicycle or on foot, visit the wineries and / or modernist cooperative buildings of the region and taste the wines from the protected Denomination of Origin “Terra Alta”. Learn about the variety par excellence of the area, the Garnacha Blanca (white grenache), and take a little piece of our land home with you.

Family activities

PICASSO. (Culture and traditions)

We play traditional games while we discover some of the places frequented by Picasso during his stay in Horta!

RAÏMETS. (Nature, history, agriculture)

Let's learn about the winemaking process together! Storytelling route around the town of Batea, with a winetasting for adults and crafts and activities for the children.

BATALLA DE L’EBRE. (History and culture)

We remember events of our colourful and tragic past through a didactic visit to the ruins of the Old Town of Corbera d'Ebre and its museum.

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