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The Vall de Zafán Greenway was an old railway that joined two towns, Puebla de Híjar and Tortosa. This train carried some goods and passengers. The sinking of a tunnel in 1973 caused the line closing.

The Greenway is 99 km long and it goes between Teruel (Bajo Aragón and Matarranya counties) and Tarragona (Terra Alta and Baix Ebre counties). This route is downward because it goes towards the sea. So it is a perfect and pleasant path to cycle.

While you cycle on the Greenway, you will enjoy a unique and captivating scenery awarded recently by UNESCO as biosphere reserve region where villagers live harmoniously with nature.

Likewise, it is a Mediterranean landscape. Olive trees, almond trees and vineyards accompany you along this route. Moreover, the Greenway goes next to some natural and impressive features such as Els Ports Natural Park, Roques de Benet Rocks, Santa Bàrbara Mountain and even the Canaletes River Valley. There are some refreshing places in the Algars River and in the recreational La Fontcalda Sanctuary area which is located next to the Canaletes River. Viaducts that are erected on the route make you admire the fantastic scenery from a high position.

At the end of the Greenway our travel mate is the Ebre River, which is the largest in the Peninsula Iberica. This is a wider valley and citrus fruits are grown there. The Ebre’s ecosystem makes you know and see the birds that live beside the river. You can reach the sea by the Sant Jaume path which is connected with the Greenway in Tortosa.

Montsport is situated in Horta de Sant Joan that is the starting point of most cyclist who go through the Greenway. So we are located in a strategic position. Horta is one of the most interesting and important tourism destinations in the region.

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