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The Vall de Zafán Greenway was an old railway that joined two towns, Puebla de Híjar and Tortosa. This train carried some goods and passengers. The sinking of a tunnel in 1973 caused the line closing.

The Greenway is 99 km long and it goes between Teruel (Bajo Aragón and Matarranya counties) and Tarragona (Terra Alta and Baix Ebre counties). This route is downward because it goes towards the sea. So it is a perfect and pleasant path to cycle.

While you cycle along the Val de Zafán Greenway you will enjoy a unique agroforestry landscape, recently distinguished by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve where nature and man coexist harmoniously.

It is also a typically Mediterranean landscape where olive trees, almond trees and vines will accompany you along this route. The greenway also follows the Ports Natural Park, the Benet Rocks, the Santa Bárbara mountain or the Canaletes river, some of the natural assets of the territory that will not leave you indifferent.

You will find different spots where you can take a bath: one of the best known is the sanctuary of La Foncalda. The viaducts that cross this valley give the route an aerial character.

Montsport is located in Horta de Sant Joan, the starting point for most cycle tourists who travel the Via Verda. Thus, we are located at a strategic point on the route and one of the most relevant tourist destinations in the area.

We have mew mountain bikes, city bikes, fatbikes, ebikes…  all of them with gear changes to make the route more enjoyable and pleasant. Accessories for the little ones. Family bikes (2 adults and 2 children) or team bikes (4 adults and 2 children) are ideal for a family experience. 

Montsport offers you  all kinds of logistical possibilities and the necessary equipment to enjoy the Via Verda in total comfort. We organize transfers from any point on the Via Verda at the beginning or end of the excursion.



Horta-Pinell: 20km

PN dels Ports

Ebre battle zone

Canaletes Valley

La Fontcalda (swimming area)

DO Terra Alta Cellars

Forests, vineyards, olive trees,...
25 tunnels, 4 aqueducts

22€ adult/20€ child

Transfer+bike rental+helmet+kit


Horta-Benifallet/Xerta: 25km/32km

PN dels Ports

Ebre Battle zone

La Fontcalda (swuimming area)

Ebre Valley

Forests, vineyards, olive trees, orange trees,..
30/40 tunnels, 6 aqueducts

22€ adult/20€/child

Transfer+bike rental+helmet+kit


Valderrobles-Pinell: 34km 

PN dels Ports Algars River, L’assut (swimming area) Ebre Battle zone La Fontcalda (swimming area) Canaletes Valley
Forests, vineyards, olive trees, cereal fields,...
26 tunnels, 5 aqueducts From 25€ adult / 22€ child Transfers+bike rental+helmet+kit


(Ebrenca route changing the meeting point)

Benifallet/Xerta-Horta: 25km/32km

Meeting point: Benifallet o Xerta

2 possibilitats:

  • Upwards route
  • Transfer to Horta at the begining of the excursion                                         From 22€ adult/20€ child

Transfer+bike rental+helmet+kit

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