The Ports (Lo Port ). Natural

Ports massif is located between the system and the Catalan Mediterranean Iberian system between the Catalan region of Lower Ebro Montsià and Terra Alta, the Aragonese and Valencian Matarraña Ports. He has a special interest in botanical, geological and wildlife, with an important role in European and migratory routes, especially during the Quaternary climatic changes, when it served as a refuge for many plant and animal species.

From Horta Ports can admire one of the most beautiful and spectacular perspectives of these mountains, separated from the town by a great plain. The relief is very steep, formed by calcareous materials eroded and broken by several faults.

Note rocks protruding from the rest by their volumes and shapes. These are the rocks of Benedict. It can peak (1013 m) along a path that leads to the highest point of one of these rocks and there where there is a stunning and fantastic almost all the region of Terra Alta. There are many climbing routes for those who like the more vertical ascent.

We do guided tours for those who want to enjoy a hike and discover beautiful landscapes up to one of the most famous rocks in the municipality.

The Port of Horta two rivers are born. The river passes through Canaletes Ventador, which is the start of the spectacular gorge can be enjoyed by us and our guides and the end of which there is a break Sotorres, after traveling through the beautiful valley of Reguers towards the Pots, Fontcalda and finally flows into the Ebro.

The other river, the Straits, and the Franqueta passes through the Straits of Arnes before ending at Algar. During this tour is a path that goes from where we also organize walking trips for people of all sorts of ages because it is a very simple and straightforward route while beautiful and impressive mixture of rock and water .