Town center

As in the old town retains its medieval character with narrow streets and concentric around the castle has disappeared Orta.

To overcome the uneven terrain s’esglaonen houses on each other and create a cubist vision of the village, seen from afar. The most interesting part is the historic Church Square and the surrounding streets, where you will find the most unique buildings. The architectural Horta is declared of National Interest and protected.

The arcaded square Horta is the most beautiful in the country. The square and the surrounding masonry buildings were built during the sixteenth century, a golden age of the people, but still today the circumstances are unknown.

The council is a Renaissance building of the sixteenth century. In front stands a mural of Ferdinand VII, in honor of the Cortes of Cadiz. In the attic of the building is the plenary hall, dominated by a monumental work of American artist Matt Lamb and low is the old prison where Orta now works as a showroom .