What is the Greenway

What is currently known as the Greenway, was before the route where it crossed the railroad. However, this project was never completed (Puebla de Hijar-San Carlos de la Rapita). In the late nineteenth century, began the first steps. But it was not until 1942 that the railway came to Tortosa. The Civil War was what caused this section to the town. The republican prisoners who were executed in the last phase. In 1971, he poured out a tunnel and it was the perfect excuse to finally closed in 1973, the railway traffic. So it had a short life, 31 years driving.

The objectives of the construction of the road were two. Firstly, to carry different minerals extracted in Teruel to the harbour of San Carlos de la Rapita. The other, more preventive, it was because it was always thought that there could be an invasion by the Pyrenees and the Ebro as a natural border, thought it would be good if there was a railroad to supply the whole southern part of  the river in case of conflict.

So now this road has been renovated, restored and paved, reserved exclusively for users who travel with a green transport such as cycling. This route is suitable for everyone because the gap is minimal and if the direction is towards the sea, the slope is downward. And if you want to just down the path, when you finish the tour Montsport transports you to the starting point.

Montsport takes you to discover the Greenway Teruel, Terra Alta and Baix Ebre. While we break down the runs in three stages to it more quiet, the Greenway is a whole. So if you come to Montsport can rent bikes of all kinds to the Greenway runs in total comfort and have a great day with family or friends.

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