Geocaching rural

The orientation is a novel and modern sport in our country. It consists of spending by some items that are marked on a map without having to follow any intinerari fixed and against time . You practice this with the help of a compass and a map scale of the area.

The orientation is enjoying competitively with friends or a nice nature walk or undertake it as a family challenge . This activity can be molded according to the kind of level that have physical and / or age of participants.

The objective is to find beacons marked on the map. Each beacon when drawing different bite marks on the control card at the end of the race is to check whether the participant has gone through all the points it deserves . The winner is the person or group that pass all points marked the shortest possible time .

The activity takes place in the natural environment , particularly in the heart of Els Ports Natural Park , a recreational area called Franqueta . Ideal , hard points of interest and good access to the vehicle ( paved ) . Among other points during the activity you’ll enjoy views of old lime kilns , the Picasso cave, Mas Quiquet, Estrets River … All this with a very authentic setting of the Natural Park of southern Catalonia: Els Ports !