Terra Alta. Many things to discover!

erra Alta is a region located in Terres de l’Ebre in southern Catalonia. A mainly agricultural region, but in recent years has been committed to heavy investment to tourists. A place where peace and quiet reigns t’evadeix.

This consists of 12 municipalities each with their characteristics. In our area you can enjoy good food, such as lamb (lamb), and some wines have their own peculiarity that reflect the landscape that sees them grow. These are wines with unique flavor and body. Both the union and the Waldo Pinell de Brai are great architectural monuments that are really admirable.

Also, you can relive history in our region. So you can relive the Battle of the Ebro, which took place mainly in the municipalities of Waldo, Corbera de Ebro, where the town was completely destroyed, and Pinell de Brai. In these towns you can visit their respective museums of this confrontation.

There are other routes to our region, such as oil, high quality product to our land.