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Do you want to organize a trip with your school or college to enjoy nature? Do not hesitate to come to the “Via Verda” (Greenway) of the Val de Zafán!

Montsport is located in Horta de Sant Joan just in the middle of the bicycle route. You can explore the region of Terra Alta and the Baix Ebre through the Canaletes river valley that is born in “Els Ports” Natural Park and you will also walk along the majestic Ebro River. Therefore, you will be able to observe the different places of the last part of the Ebro’s hydrographic valley. The route runs completely on a slight downhill slope, which means that it is an easy and accessible excursion for everyone.

We will take care of all the bike logistics and will accompany you with monitors that will make the route easier and more enjoyable. Montsport has more than 200 bicycles available, that is, more than enough to organise trips with school groups. In fact, we already have more than 10 years of experience in the sector and collaborate with hostels, Summer camps and various other accommodation types to coordinate and plan trips along the Greenway.

It is essential to carry flashlights as there are tunnels along the route which are dark, adding excitement to the experience.

Canyoning (10+ years)

Montsport offers experienced, qualified and professional guides who will accompany you while you descend some of the ravines of the “Els Ports” Natural Park. Destined solely for schools and colleges, this activity aims to allow students to see some of our best landscapes whilst practicing an adventure sport at the same time. The gorges we will be descending are for beginners and therefore everyone in the class can begin at the same level, together with their fellow classmates.


We offer all the necessary equipment to carry out the activity with comfort and security: neoprene suits, helmets, harnesses and ropes. However, it is necessary for students to bring footwear suitable for hiking and which can get wet, as well as a swimsuit. They will also need a spare change of clothes and footwear to wear after the activities have finished.


This is an activity carried out in the “Franqueta”, an emblematic place within the “Els Ports” Natural Park, and consists of finding different points marked on a map with the help of a compass. Thus, the students learn to orient themselves in a forest, find the magnetic north, interpret a map, and collaborate as part of a team, all whilst hiking in a breathtaking environment.

This race can be done against the clock, as can it be done competitively with groups or couples, or simply in a more relaxed way, as you prefer.

Picasso Tour

Discover the didactic relationship between the 20th century artist and the town and surrounding area of Horta. A route adapted for school groups of different ages, we will combine history, culture, architecture and art to create a fun and educational visit through the streets of the village.

Corbera d'Ebre old town

Visit the village of Corbera de Ebro bombed during the Battle of the Ebro during the Civil War. A display of cruelty, devastation and recovery that teaches students the importance of learning from history and valuing our ancestors and their way of life.


Montsport has an olive field where students can practice different disciplines. An ideal place to have a great time while practising sport. Gliding along the zip lines, crossing the Tibetan bridges, climbing the climbing wall, overcoming the skills circuit, running with the ball games… Students will enjoy 100%! Most schools repeat every year, so it’s a fantastic activity to complement a day of nature excursions Montsport has to offer.

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